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Stunning the industry with fascinating 3D-printed collections, Tina Winness is a brand to indulge in.

Tina Winness Wong at the 2019 A’Design Award | Image provided by Tina Winness

Since her award-winning Tribute Wau piece taking the Italian A’Design Award circles by storm, Tina Winness has not slowed down in presenting uniquely and futuristically crafted pieces of beauty and luxury. Already her latest wares stand out from the crowd – elegant pieces of a Masquerade theme.

With over 20 years in the jewellery designing line, Tina Winness Wong not only demonstrates proficiency in her craft, but an innovation to elevate her pieces, imbuing them with creativity and artistry.

Bringing in the element of 3D printing into a traditionally revered process such as jewellery making, so much more than inspiration has to come through. Tina explains that an additional step to the design of translating an initial hand-drawn sketch into a 3D model has to be clear.

Where traditional jewellery-making takes up time to handcraft and sell; putting up a 3D-printed piece can be done faster, cutting down on customisable production time and allowing more room for risk-taking. It was with this approach that Tina Winness found her niche market.

Drawing inspirations from both human and natural elements, Tina presents contemporary jewellery like you’ve never seen before.

This Valentine’s Day, treat a loved one with bespoke pendants featuring the return of her Italian-inspired collection the Carneval di Venezia! Inspired by the iconic Venetian celebrations of freedom, joy, and victory with the carnival of masks and costumes, this range is her most iconic to date.

Working closely with a team of at least half a dozen people with various skills and talents, each piece curated is held to Tina’s personal quality standard and is thoroughly checked throughout its creation. From its 3D modelling, selection of gemstones and base materials, to moulding and setting, this close-knit circle of key industry contributors are part of the future of the jewellery industry.

To view Tina Winness’s Carnaval di Venzia collection and more, head to Follow @TinaWinness on Instagram for her latest and newest products!

Psst, use discount code ‘BeMyValentine’ upon checkout to enjoy a 10% savings!

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