Malaysia’s First Digital Arts Festival Heads to the KLoud!

Kloud Happy Hour event
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Hope springs eternal for the creative industry of Malaysia as KLoud Fest 2021 aims to rejuvenate the pandemic-impacted artists of the country via this first-of-its-kind all-digital telecast.

With entertainment venues of all kinds left in the lurch since the worldwide and nationwide shutdowns, creatives in the entertainment industry have struggled to adapt their performances and talents to the over-saturated field that is blossoming online.

Founder of DiverseCity, Datin Seri Sunita Rajakumar says:

“An investment into the creative economy is an essential component of nation-building. We were delighted that MyCreative Ventures and Penjana stepped up to meet this need to support our talented cultural community, despite the challenging times and new normal. As arts practitioners, we are adaptable to change but we cannot easily pivot away to other jobs, we need to and should be encouraged to continue rehearsing, training, creating and being imaginative. We hope the government will continue supporting this essential component of our human capital by providing opportunities for this ecosystem to contribute towards the development of our collective well-being.”

KLoud Fest poster

To inject some positivity and bring back the industry’s key members to audiences, non-profit organisation DiverseCity and local award-winning theatrical company Liver & Lung have partnered up to bring to us KLoud Fest 2021!

Happening this March 19 and 20, 2021 (Friday and Saturday) at 6pm and 4pm, respectively, KLoud Fest invites you to come witness a fantastic feature of all-local talents on an exclusive digital platform.

This diverse programme of original music, film, and comedy will be looking to break ground across many creative industries, with first-time-ever showcases, masterclasses from industry veterans, and other engagement mechanisms like polls, questionnaires, guestbooks, and virtual photo-booths.

Co-founder of Liver & Lung, Hannah Shields further added,

“KLoud Fest has heaps of potential – and this is only the beginning. In many ways, it is a great equaliser, bringing artists and audiences together and providing emerging local talent with a platform to showcase their work to the world. Liver & Lung is a company with Malaysian-British roots and we’re delighted to air our productions in both regions simultaneously, and offer Malaysians and international audiences the opportunity to experience live performances in an affordable and sustainable manner, from the comfort of their homes.”

artist line up

Highlights of the event include Southeast Asia’s first TikTok Musical! Fittingly titled: ‘Nasi Lemak’, it pays homage to our national dish and debuts rising local TikTok stars and a whole host of original songs, viral dance moves and hilarious scenes that explore the magic behind Malaysia’s iconic dish.

tiktok musical KLoud Fest

Happy Hour: A Virtual Comedy Variety Show, will be hosted by international award-winning musical comedian, Hannan Azlan, and present an eclectic line-up involving  Mad Sabah (first runner-up on Astro’s Lawak Solo), AIIA Improv (Malaysia’s biggest improv troupe), and Rambo – a character comedy by Kuah Jenhan (Best Comedy Show at Perth Fringe World 2016).

Creative Masterclasses by seasoned members from both in front of and behind the camera presenting and showcasing will guide audiences through the magic of visual media, giving an in-depth view into what goes into making your favourite shows.

Get your access pass to this all-new event and show support for our local talents at for as low as RM15 or gain intractability, specialised access, and more for RM75! Can’t make it? Your tickets enable a 48-hour access to streams of the event after their premier!

KLoud Fest tickets

To add on to this, Gina Subki, Deputy Manager Corporate Communications from MYCV has shared that there are various new grants available now for our creative community from musicians, online streaming and fashion, digital marketing, performing arts, visual arts and craft!

For updates and the latest news from KLoud Fest, visit Liver & Lung & KLDiverseCity on Instagram.

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