Amazing Places To Hone Your Photography Skills In Malaysia

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This article was written by ExpatGo contributor Jennifer Dawson.

Take your photography skills to the next level at these three gorgeous locations around Malaysia!

Every year (well, except recently), 25 million people visit Malaysia for a vacation. If you’re a budding photographer, it is a great place to hone your skills. And if you live in Malaysia, so much the better! In the cities, you can focus on portraits, movement, and composition. At the beaches, you can concentrate on capturing landscape images – in particular, the sunsets can be incredible. In the rainforests, you can work with light and shadow, as well as (with a little patience) photographing some of the amazing flora and fauna.

Image Credit: Sarah Arista/Unsplash

Malaysia is a great place to be inspired, and also somewhere where you can work on your portfolio. If you’re running a photography business, you can really expand your repertoire and bring a new dimension to your images


Melaka (or Malacca) is a diverse and beautiful historic city in Malaysia. It is also the oldest city on the straits of Malacca with a grand colonial history. If you are looking to start a business or build up your photography professionally, focusing your work on portraits and events is extremely popular. You will need to have a varied and diverse portfolio to show potential clients.

In Malacca you can practice street photography and portraiture in a busy environment that is filled with light and life. Head to the Jonker Night Market if on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night if you want a photography challenge! There is also some grand architecture that you can use as a backdrop to your images, including Stadthuys, St Paul’s Church, and A’Famosa Fort.

Image Credit: Melly Nahyun/Unsplash
Image Credit: Siti Rahmanah Mat Daud/Unsplash


Visiting Danum Valley in Sabah is an exciting adventure for any photographer with an interest in wildlife. The dipterocarp forest is 130 million years old and home to thousands of different species. The lack of human settlement in the area means that the forest is largely untouched, so the flora and fauna within the Danum Valley has thrived.

Image Credit: Amazing Borneo Tours

If you are patient, you may be lucky enough to capture pygmy elephants, orangutans, and even the elusive clouded leopard. It’s advisable to join a guided tour when you are exploring the Danum Valley. An experienced guide can take you to the best areas for photography, and you won’t get lost. 

Image Credit: Shutterstock


Situated in Pahang, Cameron Highlands is a beautiful area that is dominated by vegetable and strawberry plantations, as well as the tea plantations that make the land shine with an emerald green. The Cameron Highlands have a higher altitude than much of Malaysia, and the atmosphere feels cool and fresh in comparison to the cities and rainforests.

Image via TM Yap/Unsplash

There are some wonderful hiking trails in the area where you can photograph the landscape and even take close-up photos of the tea plantations. Early sunrise and sunset are the best times to capture the highlands, and you might even be lucky enough to take photos amongst the clouds. 

Image Credit: TM Yap/Unsplash

If you are starting a photography business, Malaysia is the perfect place to hone your skills. You can work on both portraits and landscape photography, and practice in a country where the light is always changing.


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