Finally, Instagram Music Is Available in Malaysia!

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You heard that right! After a super-short teaser in December 2020, Instagram Music and Reels are here to stay.

When social media activity soared throughout 2020’s quarantine lockdowns and extended into 2021, Malaysians would watch their Instagram stories in sadness and envy at other others who were able to utilise a feature unavailable to us for the longest time: music. On March 23, Facebook Malaysia has finally decided to put an end to our misery and complaining, adding Reels and Music to Instagram stories for app users in Malaysia.

Instagram Music was first rolled out in Brazil, followed by the US, the UK, Japan, and Australia. For a short time in December 2020, Apple iOS users had the feature added quietly (and briefly), while Android users were left out in the cold. Twitter was soon ablaze in a cacophony of dissatisfaction over this strange and highly unfair occurrence resulting in the feature vanishing as soon as it appeared.

To access Instagram’s Music feature:

  1. Record a story or upload a photo or video.
  2. Click on the stickers icon (this is an updated feature from when Music was available in December with a special tab on the left hand action reel in Stories)
  3. You will find the Music feature in the stickers option next to GIFs
Image Credit: World of Buzz

You can browse through any songs that are popular at the moment or simply pick a specific one that you like by searching it up on the search bar.

Image Credit: World of Buzz
Image Credit: World of Buzz

Once selected you can crop specific parts of the audio or even add in the lyrics when you post them on your Instagram story.

Image Credit: World of Buzz

If the feature isn’t visible on your app, just make sure it’s updated. Now everyone can enjoy Reels and Music. Although we’re a bit late to the party, just call it Malaysian time… and better late than never!

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