GEMS Primary School Sets the Scene for Our Children

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What is your most powerful memory from Primary School? Can you recall? Is your memory a positive one, or not? Primary School children at GEMS love coming to school because we remember what schooling for young children should be about.

With GEMS, your child will be an all-rounder as they equally value sports, languages and performing and visual arts alongside Maths, English and Science. They will ask questions, again and again. They will talk at breakfast about the day ahead, and at dinner about the day gone by. GEMS students are challenging and exhausting because they are curious and are encouraged to think. Their uniform will come home sometimes with spots on, but these will wash out long before the learning does. And their textbook may not be filled because our teachers are exceptional in finding ways to make learning fun and engaging.

You will be involved as parents, as your child’s education is too precious to compromise on. GEMS will contact you regularly about their progress and happiness, and they will expect your feedback and for you to hold them accountable.

Have a voice in your child’s Primary education; please contact GEMS and find out more about how their British International Primary School can keep your child can be safe, happy and successful.

GEMS International School

Address: Jalan MP 2, Tropicana Metropark, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Phone:  +60(3) 5036 8900
Website: or email [email protected]

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