Decolonisation of Art: Bob ‘Sick’ Presents at Vallette Gallery

decolonisation art
Highway to Heaven | Image by Bob Sick circa 2018
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Coming back for a second run with Vallette Gallery after his debut solo exhibition ‘Exploration of the Human Condition’ in 2019, Bob ‘Sick’ Yudhita Agung is back with an all-new collection.

decolonisation vallette gallery
Aladin Night | Image by Bob Sick circa 2010

Featuring nine large-scale works, Bob delves into current post-colonial, social, and political subjects, as well as drawing from his own personal experiences and other prompts. This collection was mainly built from events occurring from 2010 to 2019, but many of these contexts remain relevant today. Decolonisation remains a topic of interest in Southeast Asia, as more and more artists strive to find local and original inspirations away from long-established Euro-centric norms and standards.

Bob, born in 1971, is and remains based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His eclectic, vibrant style is a showcasing of his colourful influences, drawing from many styles including graffiti, pop culture, music, and tattoo art. Having been described to evoke primitive-native charm, Bob’s art truly encompasses the sense of social awareness of the everyday person.

decolonisation vallette gallery
Religus Sufi Para Nabi | Image by Bob Sick circa 2018

What I like about his works is that they are provocative, but done without provocation. It is not intended to be so, though it comes through from him trying to express himself — how he thinks, how he communicates … There is a lot of intensity and significant elements that he has continuously explored throughout the evolution of his creations. Out of the pain, there is bliss. There are still beautiful faces and moments at every turn of the life; paint exists as a beautiful language through the vibrating colours and melodious compositions of his paintings. At the same time, there is a sense of resilience,” says the curator, Patrice Vallette.

Having a reputation as the ‘golden boy’ of Indonesia’s Institute of the Arts, receiving several awards including the prestigious Affendi Prize in 1994, Bob continues to make waves in the Southeast Asian art scene.

decolonisation vallette gallery
Untitled | Image by Bob Sick circa 2010

This virtual exhibition, organised by Vallette Gallery in response to the latest (and ongoing) Movement Control Order, experiments with the possibilities offered by modern technology to shape and deliver art in innovative ways.

vallette layout
Digital exhibition layout | Image Credit: Vallette Gallery

To view Bob’s latest collection Toward Decolonial Art, visit or view his work by private appointment only to Vallette Gallery by contacting curator Patrice Vallette at (+60)19 3012569.

The ‘Toward Decolonial Art’ exhibit runs from May 8 until June 8, 2021.

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