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This Is NOT a Barbecue Grill. One Lambo Owner Learned This the Hard Way.

The Lamborghini Aventador | Image Credit:
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One piece of skewered meat. A few fleeting minutes of internet fame. Total price tag: RM323,000.

The owner of a million-dollar Lamborghini Aventador in Hunan, China thought it would be fun to use the exhaust from his supercar to cook a piece of meat on a skewer – and because it’s 2021, it was all intentionally caught on video.

The Chinese media portal reported that the owner and his friends had gathered around the orange sports car in an underground car park in Changsha in Hunan Province for the made-for-social-media ‘cookout’.

In the video, the owner’s friends used the flames from the high performance car’s exhaust to barbecue a piece of meat that had been skewered on a stick while the owner revved the engine.

Should there be a “Lifestyles of the Rich & Stupid” channel? | Video from YouTube

It started well enough, but quickly went off the rails as white smoke began billowing out from the Lambo’s engine compartment as litres of coolant – its red colour making it look like the poor car’s life blood draining away – unceremoniously emptied onto the ground.

The Lamborghini Aventador is notoriously prone to overheating if the engine is continually revved while the car is stationary. And it’s not just this model from Lambo, either. The Italian supercar has made headlines over the years for catching fire due to engine overheating, so it’s not like this isn’t something that couldn’t have been predicted.

In this 2015 photo, a Lamborghini Gallardo in Delhi burns out of control after overheating | Image Credit:

The repair costs for the damage done to the precision engine came to a staggering ¥500,000, or a little over RM323,000. The owner and his friends seemed more amused than distraught as they pushed the ruined car onto a tow truck (in a separate video clip), clearly one of the side effects of having more money than common sense.

Proving that you don’t have to be smart to be rich | Image Credit:

According to, this isn’t an entirely isolated incident, either: “Destroying exotic cars in the name of creating viral videos has turned into a routine theme for ultra-rich dummies on the Internet who are constantly looking to get their three minutes of fame,” the site noted.

“Over the last few months alone, we’ve seen automobiles with six-figure price tags [US dollars] getting burnt to a crisp, dropped from a helicopter, smashed through the window of a dealership, and even made daring jumps. The latest such episode comes from China, where a young Lamborghini owner ended up making a fool of himself by trying to do something really stupid.”

Really stupid indeed! So the next time you’re snacking on a RM1 satay skewer or a RM7 kebab, spare a thought for the cash-flush moron in Changsha who paid RM323,000 for his.

The world’s most expensive kebab | Image Credit:

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