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Behold the World’s Most Valuable Mango: What it Takes to Grow – and Protect – the ‘Miyazaki’ Variant

Feature Image courtesy of Japan News
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Wonder how much Miyazaki mangoes can fetch on the international market? Try thousands of dollars for just a pair!

A very fortunate couple in Madhya Pradesh, India, has recently made headlines around Asia after local news picked up their interesting story that involves growing one of the world’s most expensive mangoes!

Miyazaki mangoes | Image Credit: Times of India

Known as the Miyazaki mango from Japan, these ultra-premium mangoes are so expensive and rare that Sankalp and Rani Parihar have had to beef up security at their private orchard in the district of Jabalpur.


In what sounds like a modern-day fairytale, Sankalp and Rani Parihar shared their story of how they came to be in possession of such a rare and valuable fruit on a trip to Chennai:

“Around four years ago, we were going to Chennai looking for a rare variety of coconut having different colours. During a casual conversation about the purpose of our Chennai trip, a fellow traveller we met offered us an unusual mango sapling,” Sankalp Parihar told the Times of India.

“Initially, I was not aware of the breed. But once the trees bore fruit, we realised the plants were indeed an extremely rare variety.”

Since then, the couple has had to beef up security of their orchard as word got out, prompting attempted thefts of their prized fruit.

Image Credit: Times of India

“We had one dog last year, now we have nine of them; six are German Shepherds and three are local breeds. And we have deployed three security guards too,” said Parihar.

Image Credit: @NaveedIRS / Twitter
Image Credit: Times of India

Sankalp and Rani have even received an offer from a willing buyer who was ready to pay US$283.21 (Rs21,000) for just one fruit! However, the couple have expressed that they have not visited the idea of cultivating a Miyazaki mango business yet, although they have tripled the number of Miyazaki trees on their plantation – from 50 to 150.

“As of now, we have not made any plans for selling,” added Parihar.

Due to the strict growth conditions and quality control, Miyazaki mangoes were sold at US$3,641.27 (Rs270,000) per kilogram in the international market last year.

Image Credit: Kyodo News

In 2019, a pair of Miyazaki mangoes was auctioned off for a whopping US$4,529.03 (5,00,000 Yen), breaking the previous record of US$3,623.22 (4,00,000 Yen) at a local market in Japan.

Unusual cultivars and carefully-grown specimens of sought-after fruits are not uncommon (or cheap) in Japan, including what must surely be the world’s most expensive fruit, the Yūbari King Melon (US$46,000 for a pair is the record price, though the melons typically sell for about US$200 each in Japanese supermarkets). The country also made a splash quite a few years ago for its novelty trend of growing square watermelons! This magical mango looks to bring that same fruit-driven madness to India, with a distinctly tropical flair.

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