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Fly Flot: These Shoes Were Made for Walking

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When it comes to buying comfortable shoes – whether for walking, fashion, or just everyday wear – it’s hard to know which shoe to choose. But whether you’re exercising, going to the office, or travelling, shoes are much more than a fashion accessory. They provide support, protection, and comfort for one of the most crucial parts of your body: your feet!

What’s in a foot, and why is it so important? You may be surprised to learn that there are 26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 tendons, muscles and ligaments, and up to 20,000 nerve endings in an adult foot. This alone should be a huge prompt to ensure proper footwear is selected.

Footwear affects our entire body much more than we may realise. Pressure by the way we walk correlates to our entire posture, and inadequate support can misalign the entire support system, leading to issues such as bunions, tendon pain, and more… right up to bad backs.

Fly Flot’s collections range from casual to dressy

Podiatrists tell us that we need to look at shoes from a perspective of arch support, size, stability, and breathability. The right shoes can curb many problems before they even begin, and in this sense, Fly Flot is on the case!

With a history dating back to 1986, the Migliorati family from Italy’s Brescia region launched Fly Flot, built on a heritage of decades of Italian craftsmanship and careful research, achieving the perfect balance between quality, comfort, support, and style.

Focusing on the core ‘A’s’ of footwear, Fly Flot helps you puts your best foot forward with a collection designed to keep your spine intact and your wardrobe uncompromised.

1. Anti-shock

It might be just a walk down the street, or a stroll in a park, or even a whole unplanned stateside holiday, but that doesn’t mean your footwear has to be that diverse! Fly Flot’s design incorporates anti-shock technology, softening the impact of walking or running on the foot and absorbing harmful vibrations to the backbone.

2. Anatomic

Asian footwear may differ in size slightly compared to European and American needs, but Fly Flot has that covered, too! Anatomic soles of Fly Flot shoes and sandals are shaped to the standard foot shape, providing increased support surface for all feet.

Comfort and quality in every pair

3. Auto-shaping

And if anatomic soles alone aren’t enough, auto-shaping technology perfected over decades of research by the Migliorati family behind Fly Flot’s manufacturing removes any long-term discomfort such as blistering and sores from rigid edges.

4. Anti-skid

Walking in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur, it’s best to be prepared for any kind of terrain. Sidewalks, tiled floors, gravel, carpet, wet concrete… you’ll definitely be needing some footwear that can handle the variety. Anti-skid soles are your best friend!

Style doesn’t need to be sacrificed for comfort. Fly Flot’s flexible collection ranges from slip-ons to sneakers, and even a versatile all-in-one pair of embellished thongs and colourful wedges for that days of summer dresses and chino shorts. A style and fit for every outfit and any occasion awaits you at!

Did you know that more than 145 million adults include walking as a part of their physically active lifestyle, with more than six out of every 10 people walking for transportation, fun, relaxation, while traveling, or for exercise*. Not only can it help you maintain a healthy weight, but the benefits of walking also include improving or preventing heart disease and high blood pressure, strengthening your bones and muscles, and improving your overall mood!*

*USA Center for Disease Control and Prevention

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