Nurturing a Love of Learning Starts Early

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“Being in school for our Early Years Foundation Stage children means everything. Seeing them so happy discovering, exploring, developing physical abilities and challenging themselves is simply amazing!” ~ Alan McCarthy, Primary Principal.

With carefully crafted curriculum and learning environments at the Alice Smith School, this mode of education ensures that your child can:

  • Move between indoor and outdoor spaces more easily so they can engage in varied, exploratory and physical play
  • Explore language rich environments where children learn a love of books and reading
  • Engage in music and movement sessions led by specialist teachers from the Music, PE and Swim departments who are experts within this age phase
  • Work with adults who are aware of the developmental milestones of your child, track progress and can skillfully interact with them during child-directed and adult-led learning

Play-based learning experiences are planned around your child’s interests, curiosities and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to inquiry, investigations, discovery and active hands-on exploration.

Come Explore, Play, Learn and Grow with us! CONNECT with our Admissions team today or learn MORE HERE.


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