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Friendly Neighbourhood T-rex Spreads Good Vibes and Laughter at Vaccination Centre in Sarawak

Feature image courtesy of Kenny Sia / Facebook
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Turning heads in amusement and surprise, a Sarawakian influencer turns his vaccination process into a light-hearted mini-documentary.

Bringing some much-needed chuckles to our newsfeed this week is Sarawakian goofball and Level Up Fitness gym founder Kenny Sia, who turned up for his vaccination appointment at the Borneo Convention Centre in Kuching costumed as a Tyrannosaurus rex!

Causing quite a stir on social media, photos of an amiable-looking T-rex waiting for its turn to receive a Sinovac shot had people wondering where it had happened and whether it was a publicity stunt.

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Image Credit: Kenny Sia / Facebook

Local influencer Kenny Sia was formerly known as an active and popular blogger from the late 2000’s up until mid 2010 before opening Level Up Fitness. On July 11, 2021, Kenny decided to bring some positivity and laughs to his vaccination appointment, so he turned up as a T-rex. Turning heads in amusement and surprise, Kenny’s main objective was to present the whole vaccination process and protocols in a light-hearted mini-documentary on social media, especially aimed at anyone who hasn’t registered yet.

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Image Credit: Kenny Sia / Facebook

Captioning each image with laugh-out-loud commentary, Kenny’s post on Facebook and Instagram had netizens completely tickled with captions like, “arrive 30 minutes before appointment,” “remember to sanitize your claws,” “resist urge to eat humans,” and “get appointment for second dose.”

Image Credit: Kenny Sia / Instagram


When interviewed by Malay Mail, Kenny revealed the person who inspired him to liven things up was an elderly man who made the news not long ago by turning up to a vaccination centre with a plastic bag secured firmly over his head.

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Image Credit: Kenny Sia / Facebook

“I really wanted to bring cheer to the frontliners and volunteer workers as they have so many people to administer the vaccines on a daily basis,” he said. “Also the suit served as an ideal personal protective equipment as well.”

Answering almost everyone’s question, Kenny shared on his entire experience getting vaccinated in full costume, saying that it wasn’t difficult at all as his suit had ample ventilation and zipper access that allowed for unrestricted movement. He also said that he could breathe just fine!

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Image Credit: Kenny Sia / Facebook

Kenny’s appointment had been scheduled towards the end of the day which made his appointment quite quick, and without a crowd. Nevertheless, reactions were still priceless!

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Image Credit: Kenny Sia / Facebook

“Surprisingly, when I went to Kuching’s Borneo Convention Center, the frontline workers and volunteers played along and acted as if I were an ordinary person,” he said.

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Image Credit: Kenny Sia / Facebook

Kenny received many comments on his posts from people thanking him for cheering them up on their timelines.

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“Top marks for the effort,” said one commenter, while another said “This just made 2021 a little bit better!”

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