School Snaps: GIS Girls Lead the Way in Coding!

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Four girls, united in their passion for programming, have set up an advocacy group to encourage more girls to code. To kick start this, they are running an online event, open to all students across Southeast Asia, which will explore incredible female computer scientists. After all, as they remind us, coding is a female-invented art form!

Brought together by their interest in Computer Science, Chloe Wong, Avantika Gupta, Rheya Anna Monerasinghe and Avin Nayeri attend Garden International School, where it seems the setting is ripe for success in the subject. With such initiative and commitment, these girls will not only be set to follow in the footsteps of their peer Nicole Choong, who recently left to study Computer Science at Cambridge, but will pave the way for future women Computer Scientists across Malaysia too!

*Published in The Expat March 2021 edition.

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