Bangkok Counters Hospital Bed Shortages with Covid-19 Train Wards

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Bangkok’s Covid-19 train wards will serve as ‘isolation centres’ for patients who are currently on waiting lists for hospital beds.

The Bangkok healthcare system has reached crisis stage with rising Covid-19 cases that have left hospitals facing severe bed shortages for infected patients. In response, Thai officials in Bangkok have decided to combat the issue by converting 15 disused train carriages into makeshift Covid-19 wards for patients with non-severe symptoms.

Image Credit: Reuters

“Some modifications are still to be done such as removing the top bunk beds, installing window nets, as well as water and electricity systems,” the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) said in a statement. “More toilets and bathrooms will be built outside the carriages.”

Thai authorities have been bombarded with public criticism over their lacklustre vaccination rollout for citizens and residents. Many are in fear of contracting the highly virulent Delta variant that’s spreading, which also poses a massive threat to the city’s already buckling medical system.

Just two days ago, Thailand recorded 14,150 new cases and 118 deaths.

Image Credit: Reuters

Here’s where the trains come in. Bangkok’s Covid-19 train wards will serve as “isolation centres” for patients who are currently on hospital waiting lists for a beds. This way, as soon as someone is tested positive, they will be moved to a train ward where they will remain under constant monitoring from healthcare workers. This reduces the likelihood of the virus being spread by newly infected patients.

Image Credit: Reuters

Coming under media fire, Thai authorities have announced their aim to vaccinate up to 50 million people by the end of 2021; however, only 5.6 percent of Thailand’s 66 million population have received the two mandatory doses to date.

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