School Snaps: Raffles American School – Boarding Community Outreach

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The Six Pillars of the Boarding programme at Raffles American School consist of Community, Self-Awareness, Home Away from Home, Independence and Accountability, Caring and Nurturing Environment, and Academic Achievement.

With these Six Pillars, Raffles students are aided in developing holistically and academically to better prepare them for the rigors of school, university, and future employment opportunities. Additionally, it bestows upon them a repertoire of communication and social skills to draw upon regularly throughout their lives.

Most recently, Raffles Boarding students successfully characterized our
first virtuous pillar, Community. In collaboration with Glocal Helping Hands, students generously assisted in pooling resources for the Iskandar People’s Housing Project to facilitate gift packages for the poor and underprivileged. These packages contained household essentials such as rice, bread, eggs, canned food, salt, spices, and other necessary items to support families through Deepavali and the recent CMCO period.

We are extraordinarily proud of our boarding students and their
commitment to serving their community. If you would like to know more about Boarding at Raffles, please contact [email protected].

*Published in The Expat January 2021 edition.

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