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Grace Period Ending: All Licenses, Road Tax to Be Renewed by Sept. 30

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Is the JPJ announcement that there will be no additional extensions a sign that the government is eyeing a reopening of the economy?

All vehicle owners and road users must renew their expired licenses and road tax by September 30, and there will be no more extensions to the grace period.

Malaysia’s Road Transport Department (JPJ) said that these licenses include the Competent Driving Licences (CDL), Motor Vehicle Licences (LKM or road tax), Goods Driving Licence (GDL), and the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) license.

To date, those driving with expired road tax have needed only to produce evidence of valid insurance if requested, with the road tax renewal waived during the procession of closures and lockdowns – along with a reported physical shortage of blank licenses and road tax stickers.

“Vehicle owners whose road taxes have expired have to ensure they have valid insurance coverage and can produce their e-cover note upon request by authorities when on the road,” said the JPJ in a statement issued on August 4. “The moratorium period or extension of the deadline for renewals will stop on September 30,” noting that compliance checks would begin on October 1.

The statement also added that vehicle owners could carry out their renewals online via MyEG or MySikap JPJ (English and Malay available on both portals). Additionally, Pos Malaysia is expected to resume its handling of JPJ transactions at its counters nationwide with effect from August 9.

A driving license may not appear to have much obvious value here, but yours still needs to be valid and up to date! | Image Credit: Vulcan Post


Given the announcement that there will be no further extensions to the grace period, some think it may be signalling that the government is looking to a reopening of the economy, perhaps in phases, but in the absence of clear communication on this point, it’s safe to say that people are looking for any sign of an end of the closures and movement control orders.

Though new records were set yesterday, August 4, for both new cases and deaths in Malaysia – amid a flurry of incessant political manoeuvring by government officials as the country slips deeper into political chaos – some still see this announcement from the JPJ as a small sign of hope on the horizon.

If anything, looking to a minor bit of news from the JPJ as a beacon of hope is a clear reminder of how desperate people are for any good news these days!

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