Wuhan Reports Its First Covid-19 Case in a Year, All 11 Million Residents to Get Tested Again

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These new infections have been linked to the highly virulent Delta variant and have spurred China’s government into drastic action all over again.

Gaining global infamy at the beginning of 2020 when the novel coronavirus first emerged there, Wuhan’s journey to zero cases has proven to be questionable, but extremely effective. The draconian measures carried out by the ruling government in China had effectively controlled the spread of Covid-19, enabling most cities to economically open up again.

It has not been lost on critics from both the West and the East that the very country that unleashed the worst global health crisis of our time has also been among the least affected, both in terms of infection rates and economic impact. In fact, the Japan Times notes that the “untold global suffering wrought by the pandemic has allowed China to make major economic gains,” with the massive disruptions around the world caused by the virus “have worked to China’s advantage” all while the country that spawned the pandemic has largely “escaped blame” and successfully stymied any independent and thorough investigation into the origins of the novel coronavirus.

But now, the latest strain of the virus may be posing a threat to China’s success in dealing with the pandemic.

No doubt coming as a shock to city dwellers, Wuhan has just reported its first case in over a year, which now means that all 11 million of its residents need to get tested all over again.

COVID-19: Wuhan jalankan ujian ke atas semua penduduk
Image Credit: AFP / Berita Harian

A Wuhan senior official, Li Tao, said that the city is “swiftly launching comprehensive nucleic acid testing of all residents.” Reports found that the re-emergence of the virus was connected to locally transmitted infections in the city among migrant workers. Fully aware of the highly transmissible nature of the Delta variant, Wuhan is taking no risks this time as no one wants another outbreak.

A man promoting real estate at a street market in Wuhan, on Dec 7, 2020.
Wuhan’s bustling markets are empty again | Image Credit: Reuters

With just one confirmed case, all forms of the city’s public transport has been suspended, and residents are now under strict orders to stay home at all costs. Officials are reminding the city that full compliance will be needed in order to get every resident tested as soon as possible.


Health officials in China have reported a total of 61 new Covid-19 cases from dozens of other cities. These new infections have been linked to the highly virulent Delta variant that has a much faster spreading capability.

Would China's Draconian Coronavirus Lockdown Work Anywhere Else? | Time
China is facing another round of lockdowns | Image Credit: Time Magazine

Beijing has ordered all residents to remain in their homes while mass testing is being carried out, with infected patients placed under quarantine. Beijing officials have also stopped all tourist entries into the capital while testing is being conducted, vowing that they will do all they can to “defend this city.”

Although critics have questioned China’s methods of controlling the spread of the virus, the fact that cases have still managed to crop up despite such severe measures reminds us that the fight is far from over.

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