School Snaps: AISM’s Remarkable ACHIEVERS in the 2020 HSC

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AISM is proud to announce that their student, Alexander Kam, achieved the highest possible ATAR – 99.95 (only 48 HSC students globally achieved this score). He has received an All-Rounder Award, Top Achiever Award for three subjects, a Distinguished Achiever Award for all six of his subjects and a result in the highest band possible in these High School Certificate (HSC) courses. There were also 13 Individual Students who were Distinguished Achievers (achieved the highest possible band in one or more subjects) in 12 different subjects.

Their Year 10 students, Yuin Yie Wong and Megan Yap also won Distinguished Achievers Awards for Software Design and Development as accelerated students – along with Alex’s Top Achiever in Software Design and Development.

Congratulations to each and every student for their remarkable achievement in the 2020 HSC! Given the fact they faced so many difficulties during periods of lockdown, their successes are all the more impressive!

*Published in The Expat February 2021 edition.

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