School Snaps: RAS Graduates Receive College Acceptance Letters from Prestigious Institutions of Higher Learning

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It’s that time of the year again! University acceptance letters are beginning to arrive for our Graduating Class of 2020/2021. In our short but successful history, Raffles American School students have excelled beyond measure with acceptance letters from many prestigious colleges and universities.

Our most recent acceptance letter has just arrived from the world renowned New York University, thanks to our preeminent boarding program’s ongoing success.

I have been living in boarding since I joined RAS. I have to say that it’s my home in Malaysia. I’m so grateful for the boarding principles that helped me develop a healthy lifestyle, which is a crucial factor for achieving a high GPA. These principles gave me a more self-disciplined attitude and finally helped me get into my dream university, NYU. The boarding staff has also played an essential role in my high school life. Their meticulous care and love made me who I am today. They were there for me when I lost the basketball game, and they celebrated with me when I finished the triathlon. They are so supportive that I feel like I’m capable of doing anything; this improved my confidence and also taught me how to respect others.”
Hannah, 12th Grade

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