School Snaps: RAS Collaboration in Coding: A Holistic Approach to Learning through Internal Resource Production and Inter-School Mentorship

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High School computer science students at Raffles American School used technology to connect with and encourage elementary students. Before Covid-19, our high school technology students would visit elementary classrooms to guide younger learners. Our students missed those heart-warming sessions.

For international Hour of Code week this year, students rose to the challenge by creating a website with curated tips and student-created videos to help the younger students on campus get excited about coding. Students spent a week analyzing many free coding resources and making short videos with recommendations for elementary students. It was fun to see the older students not just sharing tech tips but also mental tips about how to approach the exciting world of coding.

If you would like to learn more about our coding program, please contact [email protected].

*Published in The Expat March 2021 edition.

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