School Snaps: SJIIM IB Student Gets Accepted into University of Oxford!

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Congratulations to Ter Shin Huey, class of 2020 IBDP Student of St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia (Tropicana PJ Campus) (“SJIIM”) on earning a place at the University of Oxford!

Shin Hue joined SJIIM in Year 10 in 2016 and achieved excellent IGCSE results of eight A* grades and two A grades in 2018. However, what made her such a successful student was not only her academic prowess, but her extraordinary determination to succeed and her flexibility in her thinking.

Shin Huey was truly a model student, who was an example to others that long-term academic success that goes beyond the numbers on exam results comes from the willingness to be open-minded to new approaches to learning and thinking, and from continually challenging herself.

*Published in The Expat March 2021 edition.

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