School Snaps: OIS Virtual Forum February 2021

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OIS hosted a Virtual Forum on Thursday, February 4, 2021! The members of the OIS community answered frequently asked questions for all the attendees. Director of Advancement, Mrs. Bekah Dawson, was the host of the event. Head of School, Mr Ben Hale, addressed the unique qualities of the US curriculum.

The principals, Mr. Jacob Huff and Dr. Jessica Hale, along with Elementary and Secondary Lead teachers, shared what technology integration at OIS looks like and how that is shown during remote learning. Our High School and University Counselor, Mrs. Erin Macleod, addressed the pathway to university and what students are facing during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to hear from students and parents regarding what they love about Oasis! The session also included an open question and answer time where attendees were able to direct questions to different members of the OIS community. The next OIS Open Day event is scheduled for March 4 2021. For details, visit

*Published in The Expat March 2021 edition.

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