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How can parents determine what is the ‘right’ school for their child? This is one of the most frequently asked questions Ms. Julia Love, Admissions Director at The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), has encountered with parents when looking for a prospective school. Ms. Love says, “Now more than ever, in the ever-changing world we live in, the socio-emotional, caring, and community aspect is equally as important as the academic program. At ISKL, we are not just accepting students to the school; we are accepting families who want a highly academic school within a caring community with a program that gives every support to be successful.”

At ISKL, the main focus is on nurturing the individual instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to education. Why? Because every child learns differently. Our mission is to provide every learner with the flexibility to choose the pathway best suited to their abilities, interests, and aspirations. With ISKL’s two innovative academic options, PRAXIS 2030 and Pursuits, our High School students now have even more learning pathways to choose from as well as benefiting from enhanced student agency and self-directed learning. This educational approach is embodied by ISKL’s call to action to “Be All You Are,” which encourages our students to explore their passions and interests, achieve their goals, and find themselves. 

Adding to this, Ms. Love said, “Teachers will feel confident that they’ve done everything for their student’s success, and success is defined differently for each student. So the best fit for us goes back to the fact that we are not a cookie-cutter school. We ensure that the program is tailored to students’ skills, talents, and even in some areas that they lack. We want to bring parents along on the journey with us; as parents ourselves, it’s a partnership with parents, by parents, and for parents.” 

Ensuring students are supported in achieving their goals in a supportive community is a critical component of ISKL’s Vision and Mission to nurture highly successful, spirited, and socially responsible global citizens. With the added complexity of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on education, the need for an adaptable, agile, and forward-thinking approach to learning is greater than ever, be it through onsite or hybrid learning programs, ISKL’s approach to education remains the same. In a world where self-directedness, creative thinking, critical reasoning, and effective communication are essential for success, ISKL’s role is to guide, mentor, and support students to take on new responsibilities, face challenges, and learn to adapt.  

While there are ISKL’s virtual campus tour and interactive map features, nothing beats talking to the community when researching schools. ISKL invites you to our Virtual Open Day on Thursday, September 30, 2021; an interactive live online information session held via Zoom for parents who would like to learn more about how ISKL’s approach will prepare their child/ren for the future. 

ISKL Open Days are an opportunity to meet different members of the ISKL community and ask questions to better understand the benefits of ISKL’s curriculum and approach. These are also sessions where parents can virtually meet our Head of School and divisional Principals and chat with faculty and community members in a Q&A session.

To register for ISKL’s Open Day, head over here, or chat with our Admissions team (at [email protected]). Make our ISKL, your ISKL today!

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