Treasure Education at GEMS International School

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At GEMS International Schools (GEMS), the educational approach is anchored by the simple yet significant premise that all children are capable of great things. We have a diverse faculty of well qualified teachers that supports and facilitates students to be an active participant in their own learning. Education is not something that happens to the children but rather something that they are a part of and have responsibility for.

Our school leadership team believes in community, and welcomes the participation of parents at every step of the child’s educational journey. We know such involvement can only strengthen their own commitment to delivering an exceptional experience to each and every family.

We set a high bar for safety and the welfare of our students. We also work hard to ensure that our students feel safe and are happy. One cannot have great academic outcomes without the whole package of support around a child from a school. Students must be safe and happy to be successful.

GEMS International School Tropicana Metropark is a part of the global GEMS Education Group. We are a member of COBIS, the premier global association for international British schools overseas and are fully accredited by the Ministry of Education (Malaysia) and affiliated with FOBISIA, AIMS, Cambridge Assessment International Education.

These affiliations offer opportunities for our staff in educator development and student participation by means of event and competitions.

Campus and Facilities

GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark is conveniently located at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya, and is accessible from USJ Heights or via the Federal Highway.

It is a purpose built school – the epitome of a safe and happy learning environment with top-of-the-line facilities. GEMS boasts of an Olympic-sized, FINA-approved 25m, six-lane swimming pool with launching pads, an elevated Astroturf football pitch with rubber backing, the reach-up-to-the-sky rooftop basketball court, a spacious Sports Hall, a stunning Multipurpose Hall, which is one of the school’s largest indoor spaces, numerous specialist classrooms and laboratories, a dance studio, a Black Box Theatre and a variety of other learning spaces.

School Curriculum

GEMS is committed to delivering a high quality and rounded education in the British-style to all students. Expatriate teachers and local teachers have rich experience with the National Curriculum for England (commonly known as the British Curriculum) and have worked in various international school environments locally and globally. All of them work with the goal of every child moving ahead as quickly and as effectively as possible. Their teachers take time to interact with the children in order to create a positive educational experience for all.

Academic success ranks high at GEMS. Recent exam results showed the tenacity, resilience and determination of both staff and students during a pandemic. 85% of students achieved A grades for AS Level Examinations whilst 64% of students achieved A*/A grades for the June 2021 IGCSE.

GEMS offers an enhanced British curriculum offering a diverse range of subjects to encourage breadth of learning. The standard core subjects offered are Maths, Science and English. Supplementary and elective subjects include Humanities (Geography & History,) Modern Languages (BM, Mandarin & French,) Music, Art, ICT and PE.

English Language Learning (ELL) programme is also available as support to create an inclusive atmosphere so that all students, no matter their English level of proficiency, can grow and develop the best version of themselves. There is a dedicated language support department where the teachers use differentiated teaching methods to help bridge gaps in their English proficiency. Students receive both in-class support or withdrawn in small numbers as well as extra tutorials, where needed.

Extracurricular Activities and Experiences

GEMS offers students a wide range of extracurricular activities so as to equip them different skill sets such as effective communication, teamwork and organisational skills, problem solving and time management skills, whilst instilling confidence in them.

The school offers a plethora of sports, outdoor and indoor activities including but not limited to:

  • Football (boys and girls)
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball
  • Taekwondo
  • Badminton
  • Robotics
  • Puzzles
  • Chess
  • Malaysian Traditional Fun Play
  • Maths Support Club

GEMS is one of the very few International Schools in the Klang Valley that offers a “Music Coaching Programme” where industry specialists teach the classes during school hours.

Parent-Teacher Communication

GEMS offers parents many opportunities to get involved in school life. They work in close partnership with parents, remaining in close contact with them through a combination of electronic media and regular face-to-face meetings. Parents are also invited to attend assemblies, volunteer in classrooms, participate in extra-curricular activities and form close ties with one another.

From fundraisers, school events and workshops, and rubbish clean-up or tree-planting, adults are welcome into the school to help or further improve the school environment. Involvement is important to help people feel connected to the school, and it is an excellent way to build a sense of community among parents, teachers and students.

Communication between parents and school is a high priority at GEMS. Parents will receive notices throughout the year about school events, as well as day-to-day class/school life via various communication channels. The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is very approachable: Mr. Anthony Partington (Principal,) Mr. Graham Tait (Head of Primary) and Mrs. Cassie Fleming (Head of Secondary.)

GEMS has a customised communication programme for parents. Unique to GEMS is their “Parent Engagement Programme’ with a dedicated Parent Engagement Executive to cater to parents. She manages the support ticketing system for all parents and works closely with the Parent Teacher Association as well as the teachers.

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