School Snaps: AISM’s Alexander Kam from Malaysia is the Highest-Ever ATAR Scorer!

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Impossible becomes I M POSSIBLE if only you put your mind to it, as is proved by Alexander Kam, a student of Australian International School Malaysia (AISM).

He is one of the handfuls of 48 students to have scored an ATAR of 99.95 in HSC 2020 – the maximum possible score. Alex has been a student of AISM for the last 13 years since kindergarten, and has always been a model student, being top of his class in junior as well as in middle school. However, Alex believes that his ‘real’ education began when he participated in the World Scholars Cup.

What makes this remarkable accomplishment even more noteworthy is that Alexander is the only student outside Australia to achieve this highest possible ATAR score. And, when you consider that he achieved this in the year of the pandemic, you cannot help but marvel.

Along with being the highest all-time HSC scorer from AISM, Alexander also received a Top Achiever Award for three subjects, an All-rounder Award, and a Distinguished Achiever Award for all six of his subjects. Experience a virtual campus tour and speak to the Principal, Heads of School and teachers to understand more about the school and community. Visit aism., contact 03-8949 5000, or email

*Published in The Expat April 2021 edition.

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