Petrifying ‘Squid Game’ Doll Has Landed in Sunway Pyramid and is Ready to Play!

Feature Image courtesy of Netflix Malaysia
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Are you brave enough to try? You might stand a chance at winning some cool prizes!

Garnering some 111 million views within its first 17 days of streaming, Netflix’s Squid Game is officially the most watched show on the platform. South Korean entertainment continues its streak of heightened popularity that has people obsessed not just with the shows, but also with strategic product placement.

Image Credit: Netflix Malaysia

Think back to when Bong Joon Ho’s Oscar-winning movie Parasite had people all over the world making Jjapaguri with steak, and now with Squid Game, Dalgona candy is in high demand.

Image Credit: Netflix Malaysia

Klang Valley Squid Game fans are in for a huge treat because Netflix Malaysia has brought the giant creepy killer doll to Sunway Pyramid where fans can take part games themselves! ‘Red Light, Green Light’ anyone?

Image Credit: Netflix Malaysia

Sunway Pyramid patrons will not only be able to take photos of the towering doll, they will also meet an entire entourage of masked game “henchmen” who will be handing out Squid Game invitations at LGI Pyramid Atrium (opposite Costa Coffee).

Image Credit: Netflix Malaysia
Image Credit: Netflix Malaysia

Those who feel brave to participate can approach any of them and ask for a “business card.” The game henchmen will not only be providing instructions, they will closely be monitoring that SOPs are being followed too.


For those keen on playing, the Squid Game doll and henchmen will be present at Sunway Pyramid from October 15 till October 24, 2021, and winners will be announced on October 31.

Image Credit: Netflix Malaysia

In maintaining SOP compliance, the games offered to patrons are non-physical as confirmed by Netflix’s PR agency. Those participating will stand a chance of winning exclusive rewards at selected participating Korean stores. Good luck!

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