The Number of University Graduates Keeps Increasing in Malaysia

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Unlike in many countries, there are two main intakes every year for the majority of Malaysian universities, making it easier to start your studies.

This article was written by ExpatGo contributor Jennifer Dawson.

Education is extremely important in Malaysia; so far, approximately 5.36 million people in the country hold at least an undergraduate degree, and many more are expected to acquire it in the years to come. This should come as no surprise as Malaysia has some highly ranked universities, including the prestigious Universiti Malaya and the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. About 20% of the students at Universiti Malaya come from other countries, while the percentage is even higher at Universiti Kebangsaan, particularly at postgraduate levels due to the wide range of subjects offered.

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If you, too, are looking to apply for university in Malaysia, you can do this directly with the universities – you don’t need to go through a central government portal. This helps simplify the process, especially if you are currently living abroad. 


When you have decided on your chosen subject, you will need to decide which universities to apply to; there are 92 universities in Malaysia, so there are plenty of choices. Many establishments specialise in certain subjects; for instance, Universiti Putra Malaysia is known for medicine, engineering, biotechnology, and computer science.

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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman has a reputation for research and physical sciences. Some of the universities will require that you sit for an entrance exam before applying. When you are preparing for university testing, it is important to practise and learn the intricacies of the test beforehand. Try and do some mock tests in the days leading up to the exam to prepare your mind and improve your focus. 


Many of the top universities in Malaysia require that you demonstrate your proficiency in the English language, and you may have to take a test for this before applying. Along with a completed application form, international students will also have to submit a ‘motivation letter.’

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This letter will tell the university why you want to apply to them, and also outline your passion and enthusiasm for the subject that you want to study. It is different from a resume, that just lists your qualifications. When you are applying to university, you will also need to submit a copy of your high school diploma (or equivalent), a copy of a valid passport, transcript of records, and proof of your application fee. Documents and certificates generally need to be translated into English if they are in another language. 


Unlike many countries, there are two main intakes every year for the majority of Malaysian universities, making it easier to start your studies. If you are applying to start your course in September, you will need to have your application submitted to the university by the end of June. If you want to start your course in February, you will need to apply by the end of November. When you have received an acceptance letter, you will need to confirm your enrolment, apply for grants or scholarships if necessary, apply for medical insurance, and also obtain a student visa.  

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Malaysia has some fine universities with outstanding reputations of teaching and research. Applying to a university could gain you some excellent qualifications and help further your career for the long term. 

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