Malaysian Researcher Successfully Creates Supplement that Prevents Old-Age Dementia

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Dr. You’s invention also works as an excellent economic boost for Malaysia seeing as the main ingredient of the supplement is endemic and grows abundantly here.

With an estimated 55 million cases of dementia around the world according to the World Health Organization, and 10 million new cases occurring each year, it’s no surprise that ageing naturally comes with the fear of facing the inevitable.

Although used as a broad term, dementia covers conditions like Alzheimer’s disease who see many who suffer from it experience a drastic drop in their quality of life, which also directly affects their loved ones.

Reported by Mashable, a Malaysian researcher from University Kebangsaan Melayu (UKM) has successfully created a supplement that is designed to prevent the early onslaught of dementia in senior individuals.

The 28-year-old Dr. You Yee Xing has created a effective formula which includes a very well-known plant in Malaysia traditionally used in a very different form of alchemy (local cuisine) — Ulam Raja. Otherwise identified as King’s Salad (Cosmos caudatus), ulam raja is an important ingredient found in local dishes like nasi kerabu, nasi ulam, and pucuk ulam.

Dr. You Yee Xing | Image Credit: UKM

Combining King’s Salad with components like polyphenol and antioxidants, Dr. You has created a formula that keeps the brain active despite the ageing process, and it works by reducing lipid peroxidation (a process that can cause damage to cells) while increasing the levels of glutathione (a substance involved in tissue building and repair).

Dr. You’s supplement also works to increase global cognitive functions and memory in elderly patients, while simultaneously reduces emotional stressors and triggers.

Ulam Raja Mahkota Segala Ulam. Kalau Amalkan Selalu, Boleh SIHAT LUARAN &  DALAMAN Tau! - Nona
King’s Salad (Ulam Raja) | Image Credit: Nona

Dr. You is also quite confident that his creation will not only raise more awareness in the fight against dementia, it is an excellent economic boost for the country since the main ingredient of King’s Salad is endemic and grows abundantly here. He hopes that more light can be shed on the miraculous medicinal benefits of the plant, that also contains properties that can control blood sugar levels, protect bone structure and detoxifies.

“This knowledge or information can help grow the agricultural industry – especially relating to Ulam Raja – and improve the country’s income,” he said.

Dr. You has been honoured for his scientific breakthrough with the “Anugerah Emas Kedoktoran” (Golden Doctorate Award) at UKM’s 49th convocation ceremony.

“The results of his research has resulted in a supplement that can increase overall cognitive function, memory, and reduce stress and emotional disturbances among the elderly,” the university said. “And his work has also positively impacted both the health of the public and the nation’s economy by helping expand the agricultural sector associated with the King’s Salad plant.”


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