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Enjoy a Festive Christmas Dinner with an Italian Spin

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The culinary delights of the season are made even more special when the foods and drinks of Italy are added to the dinner table!

When the sleigh bells start ringing and Michael Buble starts singing, you know that the most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Like every other festivity during the year, Christmas has its fair share of delicacies that make an appearance at the dining table only once a year – but even that can get boring after a while.  

Given the recent hardships from the global pandemic, we can all agree that we should loosen up and learn to live life a little. Take this time to sprinkle a little joy and merriment with an Italian twist to your full-course dinner with your loved ones this Christmas season. Check out these Italian delicacies that you can try at home: 

Antipasto (Appetiser)

Italian antipasto is always a hit!

Start light and easy with cold cuts such as slices of imported Salami or Prosciutto, which are cured sausages and thinly sliced ham respectively . You can also incorporate bread slices and spreads like tuna or Paté di fegatini or chicken liver spread as a simple appetisers. 

Small salads like the Insalata Russa, or Olivier salad; or Insalata di Polpo e Patate, an octopus and potato salad, would accommodate small eaters, before jumping into the main dishes. 

For a fancier appetiser, serve up some Bruschetta, which are grilled bread slices rubbed with garlic and topped with salt, olive oil and various bits of meat, cheese and vegetables that will surely build up an appetite. 

Primo (First Course)

Lasagna alla Bolognese

It would only be fitting to start your Christmas main course with a warm meal, given its close festive ties with a cold climate.   

Begin your main course with a serving of Lasagna alla Bolognese, consisting of Italian pancetta with puréed tomatoes, egg pasta, creamy béchamel, ragù and grated with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese for that quintessential Italian taste.

The Cappelletti in Brodo bolsters a spaghetti-like meal, familiar to the Malaysian palates. Indulge in bite-sized, meat-filled pasta boiled in capon broth.  

Secondo (Second Course)

Brasato al Barolo

Continue your meat-filled main course with a Brasato al Barolo, an elegant beef serving from Piemonte in the North of Italy. This meal is slow-cooked with a hearty red wine (preferably Barolo) until tender and served with mashed potatoes and creamy polenta.

Boiled chicken and washed down with some warm broth from the Cappelletti in Brodo mixed with stem vegetables. You can also opt for Mostarda di Frutta, an Italian condiment combining candied fruits and mustard syrup for a sweet serving alongside a hearty meal.  

Dolce (Dessert) 

Italian desserts are perfect for the festive season!

Italian desserts are in abundance, catering to your mood and preferences for the day. 

The Panettone is a bread baked with dried fruits, almonds and citrus and enjoyed during Christmas and New Year across Europe and around the world. It can also be served with mascarpone cream and berries too. 

The Stelle di Pandoro with Zabaione cream is similar to your typical toasted bread with sugar. Enjoy the crunchy texture of the Pandoro bread, generously covered with creamy and fluffy Zabaione cream for a savoury dessert.

A Torrone is a gorgeous candy and a crunchy alternative to the other pastry desserts. It is a rectangular Italian nougat made from egg white, sweeteners like sugar and honey and combined with nuts. It is a popular dessert eaten when winter visits Italy and is a pleasant gift any time of the year, especially befitting the season of giving. 

Bevande (Drinks) 

Espresso to complete the meal

It doesn’t get more Italian than a freshly brewed espresso by the side.

Alternatively, white or red wine would suit the fellowship perfectly. A bottle of Martini Prosecco, Chianti Classico Red Wine, or Prosecco White Wine are amongst the exquisite Italian wines that set an inviting atmosphere drowned with cheers and laughter to end the night. 

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