Sunway Pyramid is the First Malaysian Mall to Implement a Fully Digitalised Lavatory System

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Greatly improving conventional toilet management in shopping malls, the smart toilet system addresses issues like quicker cleanups and maintenance.

Progress in innovation and tech have given us smart parking systems, digital shopping experiences, and a wide range of contactless payment options making our lives a whole lot easier.

With digitalising efforts increasing in demand as the pace of modern society hastily picks up after the slowdown of the pandemic, sectors across the board are looking for new ways to make their presence felt.


A first of its kind in Malaysia, Sunway Pyramid’s continuous move towards digitalisation has led them to partner up with Singapore-based amenities specialists — Regel Technology, to offer both visitors and mall staff an easier and more efficient lavatory experience.

Image Credit: Sunway Pyramid

Utilizing a centralized IoT system to collect data, the mall’s all-new smart toilet system will help optimize commercial toilet performance and efficiency within the building. The smart toilet system is the only existing example outside of Singapore.


Working to completely change conventional toilet management in shopping malls, the smart toilet system addresses issues like quicker cleanups and maintenance. Ensuring the availability of sufficient manpower during busy periods with high foot traffic can be quite a challenge, especially when you factor-in faulty equipment and breakdowns that haven’t been properly communicated to technicians.

Image Credit: Sunway Pyramid

Through specialized sensors and monitors connected to a web platform and mobile app in the IoT ecosystem, tracking things like soap usage, paper holders, paper towel dispensers and waste receptacles, as well as main water fittings like taps, urinals, lavatories, and push valves is literally just a few clicks away. It cuts away any need for someone to physically check each individual toilet.

“Sunway has always been an advocate of smart cities and sustainable townships. Our venture into the IoT system complements this concept that encompasses a holistic vision, going beyond just being environmentally-friendly,” says Jason Chin, General Manager of Sunway Pyramid.

“Another aspect is in elevating experiences for our customers, which translates to providing excellent facilities and high-performance facility management. That’s what we aim to achieve with IoT.”

With the system, mall management can utilize data collected to better manage cost and improved customer experience | Image Credit: Sunway Pyramid

The IoT system also features an environment monitoring tool that periodically checks air quality, air temperature, humidity, and even the amount of people entering the respective toilets.

The management team will also be able to have complete digital information of washroom performance such as water consumption for a more sustainable output, and alerts that require urgent attention if something is in need of replenishing, like toilet paper.


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