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Two Lions Escape Freight Container at Changi Airport Causing a Mild Panic

Feature Image courtesy of Jeremy Avery / Unsplash
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Where they were coming from and where they’re going next both remain a mystery, but the lions were successfully contained and are safe!

Changi Airport was abuzz on Sunday, 12 December 2021, when two lions – who were part of an important shipment on their way to an undisclosed overseas facility – broke free of their container. Understandably causing a temporary panic, a short standoff took place before both felines were successfully tranquilised. One of the lions was reportedly perched on top of the container it was being transported in right before being shot by the tranquiliser gun.

Neither lion was harmed and both have recovered from sedation. They are currently under the care of the Mandai Wildlife Group.

Reacting assertively and promptly to the unexpected escape, Singapore Airlines (SIA), who were handling the shipment, called in the group’s veterinary and carnivore care teams to ensure a quick and smooth handling of the problem.

Image Credit: Mika Brandt / Unsplash

Reported by the Straits Times, details of where the cats arrived from or where they were headed to, remain undisclosed. The shipment includes a total of seven lions!

According to SIA, the containers of the cats were within a safety netting enclosure the whole time in case of any unexpected occurrences. Due to the fast actions of management and vet teams, there were no other disruptions to the day’s operations as the lions were sedated and transported to Mandai for further evaluation.

“While the incident is being investigated, the immediate priority is the lions’ well-being. SIA is working with Mandai Wildlife Group, which operates Singapore’s only wildlife facility that is equipped to look after large carnivores, on this,” SIA said. 

“The lions are being monitored. They will remain in our care for the time being, and we remain in close contact with SIA on the matter,” said a Mandai Wildlife Group spokesperson.

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