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Calling All Expats: We Are Seeking Your Opinions!

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With two years of upheaval seemingly heading into a third, TEG Media is interested to hear the opinions of expats living in Malaysia

TEG Media has been communicating with the resident expat community since 1996. We not only share information and provide assistance when asked, but we also gather the views of the expats so we can share them with the relevant people and organisations. Over the last quarter-century, we have conducted many surveys covering their views on expats, local banking, real estate, education, corruption, and various other topics.

In the past, we have conducted surveys at the request of government departments, local companies, and to increase our own understanding to enable us to fine-tune our products and services. Apart from making us more knowledgeable when we are asked by third parties to provide insight into expats’ views, we also feel these surveys and the results they yield can ultimately help improve life for expats living here and even address some common misunderstandings.

In view of the various things which have impacted expats living here over the last two years, directly or indirectly, we have decided to gather their current view of living in Malaysia. We are hoping to get replies from all adult expats, whether they are working here, retired here, or are dependents of people living here.

The survey will only take about five minutes to complete, and the results will be published right here on ExpatGo.com.

Please only complete the survey once, and thanks in advance for sharing your views. Please be assured that you can comfortably speak openly about your feelings because we never release individual replies or personal information unless you authorise us to do so.

You can find the survey HERE.

Thanks in advance to contributing to a better future for all expats.

"ExpatGo welcomes and encourages comments, input, and divergent opinions. However, we kindly request that you use suitable language in your comments, and refrain from any sort of personal attack, hate speech, or disparaging rhetoric. Comments not in line with this are subject to removal from the site. "


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