Japan is Opening a Studio Ghibli Theme Park in Late 2022

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The theme park, located in Japan’s Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park in the city of Nagakute, will feature many fan favourite sets from the movies.

Having built an eclectic and loyal following around the world with their magical, animated feature films since 1985, Studio Ghibli are now exciting fans everywhere with news that they’re opening a Ghibli-themed park!

Inspired by the beloved films from the Japanese animation studio, Ghibli Park is opening its gates to the public on November 1, 2022. The real-life theme park is located in Japan’s Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park in the city of Nagakute.

Hill of Youth is partially inspired by ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ and ‘Whisper of the Heart.’
|Image Credit: Mashable SEA / Studio Ghibli

What’s different with the Ghibli Park is the lack of rides as per Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki’s vision. Instead, what park-goers can expect is a completely immersive experience, and guests are encouraged to “take a stroll, feel the wind, and discover the wonders” around them. It should physically feel as if you’re in your own favourite Ghibli movie!

Image Credit: Studio Ghibli @Twitter

Park visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the Ghibli aesthetic and enjoy attractions based on locations and characters of movies like Spirited AwayHowl’s Moving CastleMy Neighbor Totoro, and more.


Recently launching their website, Ghibli Park showcases a host of new concept art and fresh details. Reported by EW, the park will open with three main constructions, including Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, Hill of Youth, and Dondoko Forest. Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, which is partially inspired by Spirited Away, is an indoor attraction that “stores all of the studio’s secrets, from large to small artifacts and exhibits from past Studio Ghibli movies.”

Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse is an indoor wonderland for Ghibli fans. | Image Credit: Mashable SEA / Studio Ghibli

Guests can also expect to experience several exhibitions, like the Robot Soldier and the Cat Bus, and Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse is where fans can learn about the making of Ghibli classics before venturing outside into the Dondoko Forest.

Dondoko Forest is where you’ll find Satsuki and Mei’s house — and maybe a giant Totoro lurking somewhere. In fact, the forest will house a 17-foot high wooden structure in the shape of Totoro that guests can enter to explore.

The house from ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ | Image Credit: Mashable SEA / Studio Ghibli

You can get a better look at the magic that awaits in Dondoko Forest in a newly released Aichi tourism video, in which a young girl wanders through a lush, green forest and ends up at the home from My Neighbor Totoro. It’s been recreated in stunningly accurate detail, and you can even seen Satsuki and Mei’s wicker hats laying on their father’s desk.

Finally, there’s the Hill of Youth, which will house the World Emporium — the antique shop from Whisper of the Heart.

The second phase of construction will introduce two new attractions in the latter half of 2023: Valley of Witches, inspired by Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle, as well as Mononoke Village, which will feature the characters, creatures, and locations of Princess Mononoke.


Notably, the Valley of Witches will feature a replica of Howl’s actual Moving Castle. Fans around the world will definitely be looking forward to November for the grand unveiling of Ghibli Park.

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