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Malaysians in Russia are Safe, but Facing Banking Issues

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There are currently 861 Malaysians in Russia, including students and expatriates, all of whom all safe and accounted for.

Over 800 Malaysians that are residing in Russia — including students — are reported to be safe as the situation in the country is still relatively calm, according to the Malaysian Embassy in Moscow.

However, the embassy revealed in a statement yesterday that “some Malaysians may be facing difficulty in accessing timely banking and financial services, such as disruptions to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from Malaysia to their accounts with certain banks in the Russian Federation.”

Malaysian students especially, who are facing difficulties with banking and financial transactions, have all been advised to contact the Malaysian Embassy in Moscow for consular assistance.

Malaysians in Russia safe but may face minor banking issues | Free Malaysia  Today (FMT)
Image Credit: FMT

The Malaysian Foreign Ministry (Wisma Putra) put out their own statement, clarifying that all banking difficulties faced by Malaysians in the Russian Federation is primarily caused by disruptions to EFT services is due to the sanctions being imposed on Russia by numerous countries in relation to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“Malaysian students still facing such EFT disruption or in need of consular assistance should contact the Embassy through its dedicated email [email protected] and hotlines (+79067461333/ +79651222746/ +79035666101/ +79035048666).

“The Ministry also advises all Malaysians in the Russian Federation who have yet to register with the Embassy to do so at the earliest opportunity,” the statement read. 

There are currently 861 Malaysians in Russia, including 784 students and 33 expatriates among them. Embassy operations are being handled by 44 home-based staff comprising diplomatic and technical staff and their dependents. 

As for any Malaysian/s still remaining in Ukraine and require consular assistance should contact the Embassy of Malaysia in Warsaw, Poland through the Embassy’s email [email protected] and hotlines +48223759930/ +48226174413 and 24-hour line +48660627360.  

“The Ministry will continue to monitor the latest developments and will be in close contact with registered Malaysians in that region to ensure the well-being of our people are well attended to,” the statement added.

Wisma Putra may also also be contacted for purpose of accessing consular assistance through email ([email protected], and [email protected]) and/or telephone numbers (+603 8887 4530/ (+603 8887 4676) during office hours and (+603 8887 4570) after office hours.


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