Langkawi Residents Show Their Collective Heart for Ukraine

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With very little advance planning or notice, the caring local and expat residents of Langkawi put together a fundraising event for war-affected Ukrainians and the impressive result exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Too often we look at troubling stories in the news and feel helpless. We want to do something, but either it’s too hard, too far away, or perhaps we feel that our meagre efforts will amount to nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin has been making troubling headlines for over a month now, and, believing that any action is better than none at all, the people of Langkawi decided to do something tangible. With the service-focused leadership of the Langkawi chapter of Rotary International playing a big part, island residents supported and helped put together a remarkable fundraising event on rather short notice.

The event poster was simple and straightforward… and worked!

The event, called ‘Heart to Ukraine,’ was held on March 28 at the Yellow Café in Pantai Cenang, which is run by two expats: Theirry, who is from Luxembourg, and Uliana, who is from Ukraine. An array of local businesses and individuals committed themselves to the cause and got fully on-board to ensure its success. The night comprised great food, live music, an auction for a number of fine prizes, and a lot of fun. ‘Heart to Ukraine’ was well-attended by local and expat residents, and even some people from the mainland who were lucky enough to be in Langkawi at the time!

The island’s local Rotary Club chapter president, Australian expat David Bradley, issued a statement following the terrific event that exceeded everyone’s expectations: “I am incredibly proud, as the President of the Rotary Club of Langkawi, to announce that the ‘Heart to Ukraine’ event, run with our club fully supporting Uliana and Thierry, owners of Yellow Café, Pantai Cenang in Langkawi, raised the amazing amount of RM31,320.00!”

Of the better-than-anticipated proceeds raised, Mr Bradley added, “The entire amount, every single cent, will be remitted to Disaster Aid Europe, a project of the Rotary Club of Prague International and used exclusively for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians.”

Extending thanks to those who gave of their time, talent, and money to make the event a success, Mr Bradley concluded with a note of thanks, saying, “The wonderful evening was fully sponsored by compassionate businesses and friends here in Langkawi, maximising the amount raised. This proves without any doubt at all that the people of Langkawi really do have hearts of gold. Heartfelt thanks to everybody who participated for a truly humbling and magnificent result! Bravo!”

To see some of the photos from the event, keep scrolling. To learn more about the service work the Rotary Club of Langkawi does, visit their website.

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