Getting The Best Education For Your Kids In Malaysia With Home Tutoring

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Home tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular alternative that can produce equally impressive academic results for foreign kids.

This article was written by ExpatGo contributor Jennifer Dawson.

The education system in Malaysia is driven by high standards, and it is not difficult for expat parents to find an excellent school for their children. However, that doesn’t mean that schools are the only option. Home tutoring is becoming an increasingly popular alternative that can produce equally impressive academic results for foreign kids.


Home to some of the best ranking schools in the world, Malaysia is known for its bustling education scene. Because children need Malaysian passports to study at Malaysian schools, all expat families will find themselves making the decision between an international school and home tutoring arrangement.

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Of the two options, home tutoring comes with some very attractive angles. Not only is it a much cheaper alternative than the steeply priced international schools, but the potential for flexibility and variety also becomes much greater. No matter where you are in the world, this rings true for home tutoring methods.

Because the curriculums can be modified to meet the needs of the child in question, it allows for enhanced creativity and passion-driven learning.


Due to the influx of expat families now living in Southeast Asia, the popularity of tutoring houses and small academies have made home tutoring even more accessible.

The Cambridge IGCSE, AS and A Level curriculum that a home tutor might teach are equivalent to that of the Malaysian STPM, UEC, and SPM that government schools endorse, so you don’t have to worry about the credentials your child might miss out on should they opt for the home tutoring route.


Some children struggle with the structure carried out by large education systems. If, for example, your child struggles with dyslexia, ADHD, or simply an aversion to public school environments, home tutoring could provide them with the space, time, and attention they need in order to learn comfortably.

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Going to school in a foreign country can be a big change for some kids, but home tutoring can act as the necessary buffer for mental and emotional adjustment.

There is also the freedom to encourage any interests they might have, such as science or biology. For example, you can more naturally inspire a love for science with a home-tutored child by taking them to visit outdoor spaces, planetariums, or even university laboratories that are open to the public. While it’s true that government schools also provide these options, they are bound to occur less frequently and in more confined circumstances than if they went alongside a parent or private tutor.



Picking the right education method for your child can cause some anxiety. It’s important to remember that each child’s needs and aspirations are different, and you can allow them to guide your decision.

Giving your expat child a rich and diverse education in Malaysia is not difficult – unless you count the difficulty of choice. Whether you opt for international school or home tutoring, rest assured your child will receive a perfectly sound education.

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