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Monash University Malaysia: World-class in Malaysia

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As a university with a global footprint, we see challenges as opportunities to improve things. To take on the world, you need a truly international outlook. Monash University offers students the opportunity to become genuine global thinkers with campuses in Australia, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia and Italy. Monash University is one of the highest-ranked university in the world, with a comprehensive campus here in Malaysia.

At Monash University Malaysia, we open your eyes to a world outside the classroom. We are well recognised for our world-class research. Spearheaded by the mantra of “if you don’t like it, change it,” we have a legion of academics working on various research areas and topics, intending to contribute to a better future. This, along with partnerships with key research institutes around the world, cements Monash University Malaysia’s strength as a leading research innovation and learning centre.

True to our vision for global impact, Monash University Malaysia has established a Network for Equity through Digital Health (NEED) Grant Scheme. This initiative, which provides funding for seven digital health strategic projects totalling more than RM2 million, speaks to the fact that Monash University is a mission-driven institution seeking to support positive change in communities worldwide through our work in both research and education.

Monash University graduates represent the finest of what the Group of Eight (Go8) universities offer. Not only do they find full-time jobs soon after graduation, but many are also employed even before they graduate. The university is committed to ensuring that students are prepared for the future workforce.

Professor Andrew Walker, President and Pro Vice-Chancellor at Monash University Malaysia, sums up the educational philosophy of Monash University Malaysia: “Students today will make up the future workforce, so we need to make sure that they are prepared for the future. We need to prepare them for jobs that have yet to be created. They need to be able to use technologies that have not yet emerged. And we need to train them to look for solutions to problems that we haven’t even begun to imagine. At Monash, we are committed to providing students with flexible skills that will prepare them for future uncertainty and disruption.”

A futuristic technology-enhanced Medical Anatomy and Pathology E-Learning Lab at Monash University Malaysia is a good illustration of this philosophy. The lab is designed to encourage collaborative learning, given that team collaboration is a crucial skill that every student needs to develop. It is integrated with an award-winning networked active learning ecosystem with multi-touch tabletop computers and an extensive range of anatomy and pathology learning resources. It provides an immersive and engaging learning experience for Monash medical students.

This approach to learning and teaching is evident throughout Monash University Malaysia. Conventional classrooms are steadily being converted into active learning spaces. Rows of desks are being replaced by multi-student collaborative tables where students work together on case studies, solving problems and developing their own questions.

Monash University Malaysia offers a culturally rich environment. It brings a global outlook to students, which is much sought after by employers, especially multinational companies.

Monash University Malaysia is the most successful of all international Australian university campuses, reflected by its reputation in Malaysia and the South-East Asian region. It prides itself in enabling students from Malaysia and the region to get a first-class international education right at their doorstep. Not only can they receive a first-class Monash education, but they are also studying in a research-intensive environment, being taught by scholars who are also engaged in cutting edge research and innovation.

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