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Victorian Charm Lives at The Prestige

Feature Image courtesy of The Prestige Hotel Penang
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Located in the heart of the Georgetown UNESCO world heritage site, The Prestige Hotel is a luxury homegrown hospitality label inspired by its colonial Victorian heritage.

Lording over Church Street and bringing the pages of Victorian heritage to life, The Prestige Hotel has attracted a loyal patronage of guests both local and foreign. From the white-washed facade to sprawling arches, wainscoting walls and pastel-hued rattan furniture, this hotel has been consistently lending its good looks to photographs and social media feeds. In The design of the property takes inspiration from the movie: The Prestige, starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

Keeping the magical narrative in mind, you are bound notice the cleverly hidden details all over the property. The golden symbols in the lift decode Penang attractions, while the mirror-resembling hallways leave an air of mystique, and the levitating-like beds in rooms are equally stylish. Guests also enjoy various botany designs scattered across the hotel, giving a refreshing contrast to the property’s neutral colour scheme.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

Part of The Prestige Hotel’s claim to fame is its location. Lace up your walking shoes and begin the stroll to nearby landmarks, attractions and streets that historically served as a century-old go downy during the maritime trading era in the late 1900s.


The confluence of modern-day comfort and classic inspirations extend to the accommodations as well. There are 162 rooms with the Loft Suite claiming the highest regard in the hotel. This suite isn’t pretentiously trying to be anything and in doing so, it invites you to disarm from all weariness and embrace luxe and comfort at your own pace. Grey panelled walls and fully carpeted floors are soft and subdued, complimenting the champagne bronze frameworks that add a timeless elegance.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

Settle in at the generous lounge with a Nespresso Coffee or TWG Tea in hand, walk up the mezzanine level and leap onto a king-size bed or get in a shower cubicle that resembles Houdini’s escape box. The gleaming framework that grasps onto the glass bathroom is out-of-the-ordinary, and once under the rain shower — with premium amenities with natural essential oils — you won’t want to escape.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

A clock that seamlessly blends onto the wall, a separate toilet behind a secret door; another door unveils a botanical-themed bar with a glass jar stocked with unusual, local candies. Every thought process behind each gesture creates sheer magic brought out by shrewd design.


Cutter’s Lounge is an exclusive space for the Loft Suite guests. Thoughtfully designed with modern furnishings, watch the world go by through the glass windows. It is also a great spot to sit with a laptop and gain ideas while flipping through the luxury-lifestyle magazine, Robb Report. Coffee and tea are available, but the real deal is to stick around till evening because a variety of canapes and wines wait to be relished come cocktail hour.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

You’ll be hard pushed to find a better spot to watch the sun rise and recede across the ocean than the Rooftop Infinity Pool. Either from the edge of the 100% saltwater swimming pool or on the sun deck, the scenic views of the Straits of Malacca resonate in your memory.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang
Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

The beautiful rooftop may leave you picturing hosting events that bear great importance to you in such a place. The multipurpose hall named Angier and Borden fits up to 80 guests and the sight of the pavilion and terrace is all-consuming, making it an ideal choice for special events. Though some may baulk at the idea of burning calories during a vacation, the hotel’s gym, equipped with fitness essentials, may change your mind.


When hunger comes calling, The Glasshouse is the place to be. Be it the indoor or al-fresco seating, the tropical Victorian Eden charm will help you unravel from the plagues of urban hustle. Staying true to the name, glasses and lattice-designed white frames give a spacious and sophisticated outlook, while cushioned rattan furniture with printed pillows conjures up a delightful cafe template.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

The kitchen, under the stewardship of Chef Sean Liew, serves both local and Western fares with their own flavour twists. F&B Manager, Mr Jeevaa Murugan underlines the essence of locally sourced ingredients that accentuate each plate. To name a few, creamy tomyum fettucine topped with grilled ayam percik, Nyonya nasi ulam, and nutmeg soda.

If they could suggest two platters that keep the crowd coming back, it is a close tie between their Afternoon Affair and Mixed Platter. The former befits the theme of the establishment: a three-tiered tower of sweet and savoury goodness. You have the classics like macarons, smoked salmon and scones, but also creative-runners such as lollypop-like Cake Pops, mini sandwiches with spicy prawn paste and semi-sweet Tiramisu Crunch. Paired with the prestigious TWG Tea, it is a nudge towards perfection.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

Come in with a Herculean appetite for the Mixed Platter. From batter-fried fish fillets to calamari and prawns, mussels, grilled corn and more, this dish will leave your hands struggling to steady themselves. Mr Jeevaa adds that the smoked paprika mayonnaise, one of the three condiments, is a standout. It has a symphony of spicy, sweet, and sour notes that uplifts the taste of each element on the wooden block.

Though that surely sounds like feast on its own, be sure to leave some stomach space for dessert because not everyone can do bread pudding justice like they do here. When the hotel commenced in 2019, the kitchen started with a semi-buffet and the bread, butter and banana pudding was a highlight on the menu Guests loved it so much that it has been a mainstay ever since.


The manager also assures that the beverage department takes pride in what they offer. Coffee lovers will be glad to find  finely-selected quality beans are freshly blended and brewed in-house. The island’s tropical heat offers the perfect excuse for mocktails such as Rosemary Tonic and Cooling Pineapple. If the spotless setting or pan-seared seabass call for a glass of wine, you have a variety to choose from. Ticking all boxes, guests are guaranteed to find something for their appetite and mood.

Image Credit: The Prestige Hotel Penang

Putting a finger on any one thing that gives guests a memorable experience is difficult. Right from the warm gestures of the staff to the timeless design, delicious food to the idyllic rooftop and neighbouring attractions, each moment would swim to the forefront of memories. The Prestige is one of the bucket list!

Discover The Prestige Hotel Penang here.

This post brought to you in partnership with The Prestige.

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