GIS: A Very Special Learning Culture

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Garden International School has come a long way since it was founded in 1951, but the very special learning culture that permeates the school community has remained throughout. From its original location in a house in the Lake Gardens, to a school of up to 2000 students with ever-developing state of the art facilities in Mont Kiara, we find out more about what makes GIS so unique.

Vision for Learning

At GIS, there is a universal belief that every learner is gifted with boundless potential, with the aim of teachers to spark curiosity and inspire learning. Rich and authentic learning experiences enable students to cultivate talents, pursue interests and passions, and strive for excellence- all in the spirit of respect, integrity, and well-being.

Personalised Learning

Dedicated to the holistic development of its learners, every child at Garden International School is seen as an individual, with the school’s commitment to personalised learning enabling each and every one to exceed their potential. This sounds like an ambitious goal, but the combination of data utilised, where GIS has been recognised as a world leader, in addition to a broad offering of multiple pathways and the use of technology (it is an Apple distinguished school, after all) enable it to genuinely deliver on its promise of a personalised learning experience for all.

Intercultural Learning

Intercultural learning is about developing one’s understanding of both their own culture, identity and history, as well as those of others. Proudly diverse and inclusive, GIS educates students from around 65 countries with a UK based curriculum that has been adapted to offer bespoke international learning opportunities to meet the needs of such a diverse group of learners with the ultimate goal of fostering dialogue, interaction, tolerance and understanding across our local and global communities. An important part of this is the school’s well established service learning programme which engages students in a broad range of community service projects.

Wider Learning

There is a strong belief at GIS that learning extends far beyond the classroom, and this is supported by a broad range of opportunities, for students from 3-18 years old. These allow for physical, social and cognitive stimuli to nurture brave, brilliant and inquisitive young people who are committed to the positive growth of themselves and others. Examples include our Sixth Form Thrive internship programme, the vast number of CCA and sports opportunities, F1 for Schools and our annual Eisteddfod, to name just a few.

Social and Emotional Learning

Students are encouraged to establish positive identities, feel a sense of belonging and develop agency, whilst acquiring and applying the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to truly make sense of who they are, their relationships with others and their place in the complex world in which they live. Both GIS’s adult and student Social and Emotional Learning programmes are not just an example of the school’s ongoing commitment to ensuring learners have the tools required to thrive, but they highlight one of the key things that makes the GIS learning culture so special: everyone (staff, students and parents) is always learning together!

We know that we have all that it takes to bring out the best in every child. After all, this is exactly what we have been doing since 1951. To find out more, visit or email our friendly Admissions Team on [email protected] to arrange a personalised tour of our campus.

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