Day Of Hope Seminar

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As a father of four, Glen understands first-hand how parenting can indeed be one of the toughest jobs in the world. He also knows how rewarding it is to see one’s children growing up feeling loved, assured and closely bonded with their parents.

In this one hour seminar, Glen shares the five fundamental positive parenting tools, based on positive psychology research. You’ll leave feeling equipped with the skills to better connect with your children and to empower them to tackle a complex world. Our first responsibility as parents is to enjoy our kids. Because how you think about being a parent deeply shapes how your child will see the world. When you are enjoying your children you are teaching them that the fundamental engine of what makes a family thrive and flourish is joy, not angst, depression, despair or destitution but joy.

Topics covered include: 

  • How to help your child find a vision
  • The rules of encouragement
  • How to be where you are
  • Teaching your children how to fail
  • How to say you’re sorry
  • Making the home a refuge

Join us and Internationally Certified Speaking Professional, acclaimed author, and father of four Glen Gerreyn in his talk, “Day of Hope Seminar” happening at the AISM Auditorium this coming 22 July 2022. Register for the seminar here. For more information contact contact us at 03 8949 5000 or email to [email protected].

About Glen Gerreyn

Over the past 20 years Glen has shared his message of hope with over a million people around the world; engaging with students, parents, teachers, employees, sporting groups and community leaders. Glen’s been invited to speak at TEDx events and on national TV and radio. He’s authored five books and created numerous courses.

Glen has a unique ability to capture the attention of thousands, while deeply affecting individuals. So much more than being able to inspire, is the absolute art of being able to compel people to take action in their lives. Therein lies Glen’s undeniable gift. With a unique ability of encoding today’s data into tomorrow’s dialect, Glen continues to offer audiences profound experiences of meaning and identity; shifting perceptions, challenging boundaries, and motivating positive change. 

Each and every day Glen witnesses how the one simple idea of hope is affecting people’s lives. These transformative personal experiences led Glen to create #HopeTrafficker, a movement that is a catalyst for young people to tackle life head on – no matter what their obstacle or dream. And it’s this momentum that keeps Glen reading, talking, writing, re-inventing and re-imagining. Glen lives in Brisbane, Australia and rolls five deep with his wife and four children.

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