Cambridge International Launches Competition to Combat Climate Change in Malaysia

Devastating flooding in Penang in 2017 was blamed on climate change | Image Credit: SEARCA
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The deadline for entry is August 12.

Climate change is fast becoming a significant issue in Malaysia. Driven by the outcomes of recent events and the growing importance of developing the next generation of climate innovators, Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) has introduced the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for Action on Climate Change as a step to combat climate change. 

The climate change situation in Malaysia peaked in late 2021, when the worst flood in Peninsular Malaysia struck, claiming lives and displacing many individuals from the comfort of their homes. Adding to the concern, findings from the National Youth Climate Change Survey Malaysia conducted by UNICEF and UNDP shared that 9 out of 10 youth in Malaysia have experienced climate and environment-related effects. This puts them at risk of bearing the brunt of disruptions to health and well-being, education, and future income.

Scientists say climate change could make Malaysia’s floods even worse | Image Credit: Climate Adaptation Platform

Speaking on Cambridge International’s initiative to combat climate change, Christine Özden, Chief Executive, Cambridge International, said: “We have seen how climate change has severely impacted the environment, and with the help of schools we support our young people with the knowledge, skills and understanding to take action, and recognise their achievements in this area.

Just two years ago, we conducted the Global Perspectives survey, which revealed that 26% of Malaysian students believe climate change is the world’s most pressing global issue. Cambridge International introduced the Global Perspective curriculum and now the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for Action on Climate Change to further encourage change.”

About Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for Action on Climate Change

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for Action on Climate Change is a nationwide competition introduced as an opportunity for Cambridge students to show the world their climate change initiatives and tackle one of the world’s most critical humanitarian crises.

Learners can participate in the awards by submitting a video and written entry that describes the work that they’ve done to combat the climate emergency.

Winners of the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for Action on Climate Change will win cash vouchers, certificates, climate change books and participation certificates for them and their school, which may give them the upper hand in standing out when furthering their studies. The winning videos will also be shared on various Cambridge International platforms as a further effort to raise awareness

How to Enter

Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS & A Level learners from across Malaysia can submit their entry at Cambridge International’s website and follow the conversation on social media using #CambridgeAwardforAction. The deadline for entries is Friday, August 12, 2022.

Mr Ng Kim Huat, Country Director, Cambridge Assessment International Education, added: “There’s never been a more critical time for young people in Malaysia to engage in climate action, and we want to help them get their voices heard around the globe.

At Cambridge International, we believe that by increasing the quality and accessibility of education and developing people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours towards climate change, the world can see more effective and swifter action. By working with Cambridge schools, our mission is to give a voice to the world’s future leaders and policy-makers and inspire them to make a difference.”


To learn more about the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for Action on Climate Change, please visit

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