School Snaps: Charterhouse Student’s Study Appears in Academic Journal

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Charterhouse International School congratulates one of its students, 17-year-old Chan Ze Shan (Nicholas), for the publication of his Exploratio academic journal submission titled “The drastic drop in dengue cases in Malaysia during the Covid-19 pandemic.” Nicholas’s examination of dengue fever in Malaysia and how it was influenced by the pandemic provided a unique perspective on an important current issue. The study covered a period from week 30 of 2020 to week 44 of 2021, which showed a 78% drop in dengue incidence.

Under the mentorship of Dr Rabih Younes, Nicholas was able to collect, study, analyse, and interpret an array of relevant data, leading to the conclusion that the pandemic-forced lockdowns, not the coronavirus itself, likely played the more significant role in reducing the rate of dengue infection in Malaysia, with the comprehensive analysis also suggesting no correlation between Covid-19 vaccination rates and dengue incidence. Nicholas is currently studying his A Levels at Charterhouse and hopes to enter medical school and become a doctor.

*This article was first published in The Expat (March 2022 edition).

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