School Snaps: Creating Lasting Bonds at Raffles American School

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With each new school year, our Raffles Parents for Education (RPFE) community grows larger and more tight-knit, and we look forward to making incredible memories at future RPFE led events. The RPFE brings students, parents, and RAS faculty together by volunteering to organize social events and lend a helping hand to new families.

With a motto of Care, Nurture and Support, our goal is to have a strong bond between students, parents, and faculty, all the members of our school community. For the 2021-2022 academic year, we have planned and organized events such as the RPFE Movie Nights, RAS Charity Golf Tournament, Wine & Cheese Night, and the RAS Carnival. Other smaller events have included a trip to the Desaru Coast for a beach clean-up day, casual picnics, and outings to non-profit organizations which assist us in becoming more engaged with our immediate local neighborhood and our school. Each month at the RAS Parent’s Lounge, we come together to review our plans for these events and discuss other academic information throughout the year. 

*This article was first published in The Expat (April 2022 edition).

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