School Snaps: Prize Winning Barton Farm Fuels Farm-to-Table Sustainability at MCM

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Barton Farm is another unique facility to promote innovative education and wellbeing at Marlborough College Malaysia.  The farm was designed and developed by pupils and it provides opportunities for them to grow and harvest fruit, vegetables, honey and eggs and to learn about science, business, and ecology in action. 

As well as growing an abundance of food, which the College chef harvests for daily use in the kitchens, the farm is thriving as a centre of pupil experimentation and problem-solving such as hydroponics and composting solutions.

MCM was delighted to receive the 2021 BSA Boarding Innovation Award for the Barton Farm project and it is going from strength to strength with the full involvement of pupils aged from 3-18. 

*This article was first published in The Expat (April 2022 edition).

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