School Snaps: TIS Anniversary Celebration for a Special Cause

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Taylor’s International School (TIS) Kuala Lumpur celebrated its 30th-anniversary by making a difference. A simple yet momentous ceremony was held together with a charity drive involving the whole school community, giving more reason to celebrate. 

The charity drive, which collected RM9,881 will be used to support paediatric therapies provided by ANGSANAcare, a local non-governmental organisation that provides free professional care services to underprivileged and chronically ill paediatric patients. Along with the drive, the school community also came together to fold paper cranes for well wishes. Paper cranes are a symbol of peace, love, hope, and healing during challenging times. With students from Early Years right up to Secondary, six hundred paper cranes were folded to wish the paediatric patients for their recovery and healing. During the crane folding exercise, the students were reminded of the importance of taking a stand for a good cause in an effort to make a difference to the world.

“We take great learning as a given,” said Peter Wells, Principal of TIS Kuala Lumpur in a speech during the ceremony. “But we also aim to develop great people who can go out into the world, be successful and contribute back to society. We aim to raise them ready for the world of tomorrow.”

The ceremony also saw an impressive performance by the Performing Arts students. It was streamed live in every class where the students were able to watch at a safe distance in their own seats. One thousand and four hundred cupcakes were also distributed to the whole school community as part of the celebration.

For those who are interested to know more about the school, please visit our website at or call us at +603.9200 9898.

*This article was first published in The Expat (April 2022 edition).

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