School Snaps: AISM French Language Learners bag prizes in the French Embassy’s annual Francophonie Contest

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At AISM, our language learners are continually immersed in a range of different language acquisition opportunities and experiences, both within the school setting and externally via competitions, workshops, and other events.

The French Embassy in Malaysia (Jomfrancais) held its annual Francophonie Contest where students were required to write a creative short story in French to illustrate a particular work of art chosen from the visual selection provided.

Two of our French learners were crowned winners amongst the overall 15 winning entries. The competition attracted 111 enrollments nationwide and received 69 creations in total from both individual and team entries. Our two winners were Zara Yap, AISM Year 11 Student and Ritisha Shankar, AISM Year 12 Student.

*This article was first published in The Expat (June 2022 edition).

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