School Snaps: Raffles American School Presents Madagascar: The Musical (Junior Edition)

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Last November, Raffles students were ecstatic to start rehearsals for a light-hearted and entertaining rendition of Madagascar: The Musical. Each lyric was paired with intricate choreography and sung with gusto. As the lights blazed on the stage, the young actors enjoyed expressing themselves and putting their hearts into making their characters come to life. 

The fun costumes, which the students enjoyed personalizing, depicted each character in a more relatable manner; by incorporating human characteristics which referenced the original movie. The musical was a delightful experience as viewers immersed themselves in a fun interpretation of the well-loved movie. The beautiful voices of the cast carried across the auditorium as students performed ensembles, solos, and duets. The audience relished the cast’s hard work.

*This article was first published in The Expat (May 2022 edition).

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