School Snaps: GEMS Year 7 Trip to Janda Baik

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The trip to Janda Baik was quite the experience for me as I have never been to the nature side of the state. We started with bonding games, where everyone did a bunch of fun activities like the earthquake, the suspecting game and many more. After the warm-up, we had a list of activities that included fishing, taking pictures, synchronised dancing, building a bridge, archery, mini-golf, and target shooting. Once our time was up, we calculated the scores obtained for completing the activities. My team achieved the highest score! 

Thanks to our teacher, Ms Praveena, who joined our team and encouraged us to aim for first place. Then we were served a hearty lunch and went for insect catching later. Insect catching and identifying was fun yet tiring. Students were all over the retreat running after different species of spiders and butterflies. 

Overall, it was a unique experience impossible to be done in the city. The trip was enjoyable, and I couldn’t thank the school and Janda Baik staff enough for planning this trip.

Written by Tan Yi Jin, Year 7, GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark (soon to be Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya).

*This article was first published in The Expat (July 2022 edition).

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