School Snaps: Empowering Young Changemakers at ISKL!

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The air is positively buzzing with inspiration for the Grade 5 students at The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) as they attend the annual Red Hats Social Changemaker’s Conference! Every Grade 5 student has the opportunity to serve on the Red Hat Leadership Team, where they become role models for fellow friends as they follow The Melawati Way.

Aimed at supporting our young learners’ research and action projects on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the conference brought together activists and non-governmental organizations who donate their time to help others. 

This year’s speakers include Lim Su Yi of Dignity for Children, Datuk Munirah Hamid representing PERTIWI Soup Kitchen, human rights lawyer Siti Kassam, Seema Kulkarni of Chin’s Woman Organisation, Theresa Ng of Reef Check Malaysia, and Rina Omar of Free Tree Society. The session encapsulates what it means to be a changemaker at ISKL. It is about how even the smallest gestures can make a big difference in an individual or situation. It is about the realization that each of us has the ability to be a changemaker.

To learn more about how ISKL empowers your child to be a global citizen, head over to today!

*This article was first published in The Expat (August 2022 edition).

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