Sky Residence Prai Gives Back to the Community by Serving the Unhoused

Feature Image courtesy of Ascott Hotel/Sky Residence Prai
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Sky Residence Prai focuses on community upbringing beyond its doors through its Merdeka CSR team.

Sky Residence in Prai has initiated efforts to help the community area in Prai, primarily targeting Butterworth Ferry Terminal. The first serviced residence property in Prai offers a total of 168 contemporary rooms, excelling in interior design and sophisticated furnishing. Strategically located, the property is a beacon for business and leisure in the uprising industrial area, so it makes sense that Ascott has set its eyes on the neighbourhood too.

Consolidating efforts of Ascott CSR, this project is headed by Sky Residence owner Ng Kok Leong from EXOPURI Development Sdn Bhd.

Proudly known as Ascott Team Merdeka CSR, the team is operating under the stewardship of Sky Residence Manager Lee Boon Kae, providing meals, food rations, and household supplies to the environmentally-vulnerable.

A large number of the unhoused congregate under the flyover, residing inside the doorways. Although challenging to estimate how many families or individuals stay behind these vandalised walls and sheer darkness, the team’s arrival with food and drinks encouraged many to turn up despite the rainy weather.

Boon Kae affirms that this initiative will continue monthly. The starting point will remain as Butterworth Jetty with the intent to expand up to a three kilometre radius of the area. When asked about the budget allocated for this project, he informed: “usually a minimum of RM1000 plus, there will also be additions from the owner himself.”

The team also contributes to orphanages and retirement homes. For retirement centres, Ascott Team Merdeka CSR receives requests directly from them before purchasing supplies to make sure they are catered to accordingly. He added, “Groceries are the common items but at times, the elderly also require essentials like adult diapers.” Discussions are ongoing within the team to find other ways to help underprivileged citizens.

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