Things You Should Know Before Getting a Lash Lift

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A major reason to only go to a licensed and experienced lash technician is due to the inclusion of certain chemicals in the perm solution.

Abundantly thick and luxurious lashes are simply a beauty must-have these days, and procedures like lash lifts and lash extensions are a highly sought-after service. Semi-permanent chemical processes, like lash lifts, can give eyelashes a boost, curling them upward to remove the need for mascara and making your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Eyelash extensions however, although semi-permanent too, are lashes that are hand-glued on top of your natural lashes.

Sounds simple enough, but how safe is it exactly?

Here’s what to know about lash lift safety:


A lash lift is similar to the process of a perm for your hair. The same chemicals are used on your lashes to give them a more curled look.

When you get a lash lift, a technician applies a silicone mold or shield onto the eyelid using a nontoxic glue, which is the only thing that should touch your skin during the process. The technician then lays the lashes over the mold, which is curved upward and outward to create a curl.

Lash Lifts Guide for 2022: What to Know Before Your Treatment
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Next, a perm solution is added to the lashes and sits for about 15 minutes. That is then wiped off and replaced with a setting solution to finish the process, which in total takes roughly 45 minutes. Once complete, this semipermanent procedure generally lasts until your lashes shed and new ones grow in their place.

That typically occurs after about four to six weeks, though this time frame differs from person to person.


While lash lifts are considered safe overall, some people, especially those with sensitive skin, may experience skin sensitivity or an allergic reaction, particular to the adhesive, which can cause burning, stinging or redness on the skin around the eye.

Have your lash technician conduct a patch test if it’s your first time.


A major reason to only book your appointment with a licensed and experienced lash technician is due to the inclusion of certain chemicals such as thioglycolic acid or polyacrylamide in the perm solution.


While the perm solution isn’t directly applied to the skin, it could potentially drip into the follicles or be applied by a technician with a not-so-steady hand. This could produce an allergic reaction or general irritation. The hair can also be affected if the chemicals are left on too long, resulting in damaged eyelashes.

Everything to Know About a Lash Lift and Tint - The Trend Spotter
Image Credit: The Trend Spotter

But if you go to an experienced lash lift professional, they will know the ideal amount of time to leave them on.


The exact risk of lash lifts during pregnancy is debated, and opinions differ from expert to expert. But the procedure is widely recognized as safe after the first trimester.

Still, you should talk to your OB-GYN before going in for a lash lift, no matter what trimester you’re in. Chemicals can transfer from pregnant people to developing fetuses through the placenta, which is why doctors generally recommend waiting until the second trimester to dye your hair and avoiding phthalates — which are often found in plastics and fragrances — when possible.


As with other hair on your body, too much chemical processing can leave your lashes damaged. That damage could appear in many forms, but data on what exactly it might look like is lacking, since lash lifts are a fairly new procedure.

It is highly recommended that you leave “cooling periods” in between appointments to allow your natural hair follicles to breathe and regrow for at least a few weeks. These would be the times your trusty glue-on lashes will just have to do the trick!

Source: Huffpost

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